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Public Rights Of Way: Footpaths and Restricted Byways

The Parish of Longstock has a network of Rights of Ways, 12 in total. A map of the parish, including footpaths, can be seen in the attached PDF below. 

For ease of reference:

Footpaths are for: walking.

Restricted Byways are for: walking; cycling; horse riding; carriage driving.

Engine powered vehicles, motorcyclists, mini motors, quad bikes and non-road legal scramblers are NOT permitted to use Restricted Byways. Only motorised vehicles required by the landowner for use in adjacent fields may use Restricted Byways.

A map detailing the Rights of Way in Longstock can be found here, (click on 08.16, 08.17, 09.16 and 09.11): 

Footpaths are shown thus: _________ . Restricted Byways are shown thus: _ _ _ _ _ _ .

The website lists plenty of both local and county walks that can be downloaded for free.

Landowners are responsible for ensuring Rights Of Way meet statutory width requirements.